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Meet the A THIN LINE Street Team!


Photo: (MTV)

Several months ago, A THIN LINE put out a call for young people across the country to become a part of the first-ever A THIN LINE street team. Today, we’re proud to share them with you.

The A THIN LINE street team is comprised of twelve teens and twentysomethings who come from all different regions and backgrounds. The one thing they have in common, though, is that they’re all taking an active role in helping to end digital abuse.

As a part of the Street Team, these remarkable young people will help guide A THIN LINE and make sure that their concerns and those of their friends, classmates, and other young people are heard, whether through discussing cyberbullying and sexting with friends, providing feedback on the campaign, or posting on A THIN LINE’s new blog. Meet them below!

Ali, 21, Maryland: Ali believes “cyberbullies should face penalties and that Internet privacy laws need to change dramatically.”

+Allyson, 21, New Jersey: Allyson on why she joined the street team: “I've made fighting bullying and cyber abuse my mission after going through it myself as a teenager and realizing just how life-changing it is.”

Amanda, 17, Ontario, Canada: Amanda on using the Internet for good: “I love using the Internet because you can connect with people who are interested in supporting the same causes as you. So let's use that connection to spread awareness about digital abuse!”

Blaise, 16, New York: Blaise has been profiled in Newsday for her anti-bullying song “Gossip Kills.”

Brandon, 17, Iowa: Brandon wants to spark community action from his generation to end digital abuse.

Devon, 16, Arizona: Devon on why digital abuse needs to end: “Abuse is abuse whether it is physical, emotional, or cyber.”

Dillon, 16, New Jersey: Dillon is glad to be a part of the street team because “everyone in this group is one step closer to stopping digital abuse.”

Julie, 17, Nevada: Julie has been a bully and a victim, but now is 100% dedicated to eliminating digital abuse.

Margaret, 26, California: Margaret on the pros and cons of technology: “I love how technology has put information at your fingertips but as people are increasingly living their lives with digital technology the rules of engagement that are clear offline can become blurred when online.”

Phil, 14, Massachusetts: Phil on why he likes digital life: “It’s so easy to stay connected with everyone and it just makes life in general a lot easier.”

Rolfe, 21, Georgia: Rolfe “wants to make sure everyone's online experience is safer and more enjoyable.”

Sheena, 24, New York: Sheena on why she wants to fight digital abuse: “The digital drama teens and young adults face today can end up haunting them for years.  It's a horrible pain no one should have to endure and if we can do something to educate people so that they may never be a victim of this kind of harassment, then that's a great thing!”

Have ideas of your own on how A THIN LINE can help you end digital abuse in your community? As always, we’d love to hear from all of you out there – email us with your ideas for the campaign and what you’re doing to take a stand against digital abuse!