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Sweet Tweet: Rebel Wilson Goes Bare (Again) Ahead of Hosting MTV Movie Awards

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She's gotten (almost) bare once before, and she's done it again! Now Rebel Wilson, who is hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, found the rock musical “bare” to be pitch perfect.

Our Rebel with a cause Tweeted:

Love the pic of everyone! And critics and audiences are def loving “bare.” It was first staged more than ten years ago, and the story revolves around teens in a religious boarding school who are having questions about their sexuality and who they are. If you think musicals are all honky-tonky and silly, think again. “bare” also gets extra serious by partnering with different orgs that are dedicated to improving people's lives, especially LGBT people.

The socially conscious musical is partnered with different LGBT orgs, including the Human Rights CampaignAthlete Ally and the Tyler Clementi Foundation, to connect the boundary-breaking show with relevant resources. The Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, is the country’s biggest org for LGBT civil rights. Athlete Ally is about respecting everyone involved in sports, never mind their sexuality or gender. The Tyler Clementi Foundation is an aid for LGBT youth and friends, and it was started after Tyler, its namesake, too his own life. Tyler, like too many others, was a victim of digital abuse.

It’s still awhile before movies are gonna be nominated for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, but it’s not too early to start talking. What socially conscious movies do you think should be nominated? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @MTVact!

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