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Getting Bullied at School Sucks! So These Students Did Something About It With Chalk

Photo: (FIT)

Photo: (FIT)

Ever thought about starting an anti-bullying group on your campus, but couldn't even figure out where to begin? Alyssa Carfi, a Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) student, started Kind Over Matter with her classmates as part of their entry in the National Case Study Campaign Competition.

"Our goal is to show others that no matter the situation, you should always be kind," Alyssa says.

As part of the campaign, the students hit the streets to find to people take the Kind Over Matter Pledge, and hosted a "Walk The Chalk" event. Both events were a superfun way to raise awareness about bullying on the FIT campus, and encourage classmates to be kinder to each other. After the "Walk the Chalk" event, Alyssa said that "walking through an abundance of colorful kind words created unity and acceptance throughout the FIT campus and community."

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