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Justin Bieber's Top Tweets from His Venting Session on Twitter

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Haters need to back off the Biebs! Justin Bieber has had enough with false rumors, and went to Twitter to vent his frustration. The world then when on a Retweet spree -- fittingly enough. He was so on point!

There will often be many rumors flying around when you are in the spotlight, and JB clearly has had enough. He went onto Twitter to vent, and tweeted 12 times in 11 minutes. He called out the haters and big-mouthed rumor-starters in route to committing to the positive and what he loves most: performing. We decided to choose our fave tweets from his Tweet-spree:

Good for Justin for standing up for himself! Personally, I find it sad that outlets are claiming this is a "meltdown" when he is just defending himself -- as he should. Growing up in the spotlight would be a huge challenge, and unless we are walking in the Biebs shoes we shouldn't rush to judge him, agree?

Focusing on the positive is something Justin does best. The amount this kid gives back is more than many in a lifetime, from Pencils of Promise to Make A Wish Foundation. Don't even sweat the rumors, JB! Haters gonna hate.