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Our Fave Justin Timberlake 'SNL' Moments, From Veganville to Pizza

Photo: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

Justin Timberlake’s fifth time hosting “Saturday Night Live” went just like all the other four: AMAZING. It took me a while to take Justin’s acting career seriously, but only because I didn’t wanna believe that one person could possibly be great at everything. Turns out he is.

Here are a few of our fave moments from Saturday’s show

+ Veganville


He’s been an omelet, a 34 DD implant, and now a giant block of tofu. J.T.’s “Veganville” skit was hilarious as always, and he kind of had a point! Although going vegan isn’t right for everyone, we could all stand to eat more fruits and veggies. And no, just because your gummy worms were made with real fruit juice doesn’t mean they’re a proper substitute for the real thing, boo.

+  “Suit & Tie”


Remember when Kanye West told London concertgoers he wasn’t “f---ing” with Justin’s new music? Dang. Justin took the classy route (both because he was dressed to the nines and because there were no fist fights, over dramatic Twitter rants, etc.)  during his “Suit & Tie” performance when he sang, “My hits so sick, got rappers acting dramatic” in place of his usual lyrics. Quick and painless! If you’ve been insulted by Kanye bullied lately, check out MTV’s A Thin Line for info on how to handle it with class.

+ Free Pizza!


Justin’s best move of the night happened before the show even began! Before studio doors opened, he treated a few of his freezing fans to a hot pizza along with an autographed note that read, “I made this pizza with my bare hands.” Woulda loved to be that pizza dough…

Take action below to find a soup kitchen near you, and follow in Justin's generous footsteps by feeding the hungry in your community.