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No Girl-on-Girl Bullying in Taylor Swift’s “22” Video + More Reasons Why We Love It!

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If you’re “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time,” then you probably just watched Taylor Swift’s new music video for “22.” The singer-songwriter debuted the new video on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, and like most things T.Swift releases into the universe, we’re in love.

While we could list, oh, 22 things we love about the video (the props! the accessories!), we’ll settle for four. Here are our top four reasons why “22” hit all the right notes:

+ Taylor Keeps Her (Real) Friends Close

You can’t go online or pick up a magazine without seeing some story about how Taylor is feuding with one celebrity or another, so we loved that she used her best friends IRL for the video. If there’s one thing TSwift knows, it’s that Mean Stinks. I mean, really, why you gotta be so mean? There’s no girl-on-girl bullying here!

+ She Makes Her Own Luck

She might get some serious hate, but that doesn’t mean Taylor compromises who she is. For as long as we’ve known her, Swift has loved sparkly dresses, kittens, and the number 13. Since she wanted to choose the perfect way to kick off her RED tour, we’re not surprised the singer chose March 13 as the day to do so! And why not debut her brand-new music video at the same time? Cut out that digital drama and keep doing you, Tay.

+ BFF Love is Louder Than…All the “Cool Kids”

Being an international superstar has to be tough, but Taylor knows Love is Louder than the pressure to be perfect and all the “cool kids” out there who are spewing hate. While we don’t know for sure what it’d be like to hang with TSwift for a day (call us, Tay!), we imagine it’s a lot like the video: lots of laughter, tons of cake, and a really fun time. We love the intimate glimpse of who Taylor is when she’s not surrounded by paparazzi or up on stage.

+ No Boys Allowed (For Now)

Since Taylor can’t get within ten feet of a male without being branded as his girlfriend/lover/whatever, we loved that “22” was all about Swift and what she really loves: being around her girlfriends. Regardless of what people say, it’s her (sex) life -- or lack thereof -- and it’s really none of our business! Eh.

Are you guys ready to dress up like hipsters and make fun of your exes? Let us know what you think of TSwift’s latest music video in the comments below, or Tweet us.

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