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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3B Comes To An End: The 3 Biggest Lessons Learned

Photo: (ABC Family)

Photo: (ABC Family)

Here’s a liar. There’s a liar. Everyone’s a lying liar (in Rosewood). Even though we were left with more questions than answers after Tuesday’s finale, we can’t say we didn’t learn a lot of valuable lessons from our favorite liars this season.

When “Pretty Little Liars” came back into our lives in January, Spencer was sane and had excellent hair, Aria wore a ton of crazy prints while dating her former teacher, Hanna didn’t know what a pink drink was, and Emily was considered the weakest of the four liars.

Flash forward ten or so episodes and season three has put our girls through all sorts of tests, and only one liar scored an “A.” Here are some of our favorite Act-worthy lessons from season 3B.

+ Healthy Relationships

Sure, there’s the threat of “A” always lingering over them, but this season showed Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Aria (Lucy Hale) mostly dealing with relationship woes. Spencer had to face her worst fear: that the man she loves is the one trying to bring her and her friends down; the storyline gave everyone an inside look at the effects of dealing with a toxic relationship. Although “Spoby” resolved their issues in the finale, Aria decided to break things off with her now-substitute teacher.

It’s arguably the most mature relationship decision Aria has made in the past three seasons, and we loved that she stepped up and recognized that she wasn’t happy where they currently were. If these liars taught us anything this season, it’s that everyone deserves a healthy relationship.  If you’re wondering if your relationship is good for you, check out Love is Respect for more information.

+ It Gets Better

When the pilot episode aired, Emily (Shay Mitchell) was closeted and hiding a massive crush on supposed-dead BFF Ali. As the seasons progressed, it became clear that Emily wasn’t the only Rosewood resident with that secret, and we watched as character after character came out of the closet.

We love that “Pretty Little Liars” features storylines and moments that aren’t cliché; it’s pretty much the best example of “It Gets Better” we can think of. So whether you’re out and proud, thinking about coming out of the closet, or want to support your friend, take Emily and the PLL’s lead: do what’s right for you and love your friends no matter who they like.

+ Fighting Digital Drama

No matter what was going on with the girls individually, “A” still found time to torment them with texts and digital evidence of all their wrongdoings. While seasons 1 and 2 left us asking “Who is ‘A’?” season 3 left us in a place where we’re wondering who isn’t a part of the “A”-team.

Even though the girls aren’t new to the “A” game, they could handle their digital drama better. At this point, we would’ve sacrificed our smart phones for the greater good if it meant not receiving another anonymous text from our arch enemy. If you’re dealing with textual abuse or other digital drama, you’re probably better off steering clear of these Rosewood residents’ example. Take some notes from A Thin Line on how to handle your online bullies.

So, PLL fans, what were your favorite moments from this season? Did Tuesday’s finale leave you wanting more? And, the most important question of all: what was in the trunk?!