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[Video] Dare You Not To Smile at Obama + Kid President Kick It In The Oval Office

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2013 is the first year in U.S. history that we have two presidents at once! President Barack Obama and Kid President, 9-year-old Robby Novak, recently met up in the Oval Office to chat about telephones, history, and how kids and grown-ups can work together to make the world a better place. Dare ya not to smile!

Watch Kid President Meets President Obama

In between laughs, here's what we learned from POTUS and the "self-appointed voice of a generation":

+ There Was Life Before Telephones

"Telegraph, what's a telegraph?" Soooo cute, but HOLD UP. Are telegraphs no longer part of the 3rd grade curriculum? Do history books just start with the 1st generation iPhone? Am I THAT old?! "Before there were phones; before there was the internet; before there was YouTube," explains Obama,"There was the telegraph. And that's how you'd communicate from far away." But how did people share filtered pics of their lattes?! Life is so sad when I can't show the world every single thing I eat and drink every day! Let's not get toooo outta hand though. Visit MTV's A Thin Line to take control of your digital use.

+ Obama's Fave President is Abraham Lincoln

We learn that Obama's favorite president is Abe Lincoln, although he doesn't clarify if it's because he freed the slaves or because he had awesome facial hair. Join mtvU's Against Our Will and take action against modern-day slavery.

+ We've Gotta Stop Bullying

Kid Prez came prepared with an important question: "How can kids and grown-ups work together to change the world?" According to Obama, the key is to stop bullying. "The most important thing we can all do is to treat each other with kindness and respect," says POTUS. "Kids can learn right away -- in school and on the playground -- to be nice to each other."

Obama also stresses the importance of stepping in when we see someone being bullied. "If you see a kid being picked on, you make sure you stand up for him. And you treat everybody fairly no matter what they look like or where they're from. And if you start learning to do that as kids, and everybody's respectful of each other and nice to each other, then whey they grow up, they'll be doing the same thing and we'll have a lot fewer problems." Kid President's response? A simple and dignified, "Yeah." I know who I'm voting for in 30 years!

Take action below to learn more about how to spot and stop bullying. Let's change the world together, today!