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[Video] Step Aside, Haters! Austin Mahone Is Doing His Thing + Touring With Taylor Swift

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Whaddup, Mahomies?! It's not "11:11," but if you've been wishing for an update from Austin Mahone, we've got it! We recently sat down with the YouTube-turned-mainstream pop sensation to chat music, haters, and his upcoming tour with Taylor Swift.

Even our idols (slash imaginary hubbies) have been bullied. "When I was in high school, back in my hometown, the kids didn't really see me being on YouTube and singing as very cool," says Austin. But he didn't let 'em stop him! "I didn't really listen to them. I just kept going, and doing my thing, and I'm here." Awww. Mahomie is so modest. Lemme run through what exactly he means by "here": A massive recording contract, 2,300,000 Twitter followers,  and a tour with Taylor Swift!

On touring with Swifty, Austin says, "I'm extremely excited...I've never been on tour before, so I'm not really sure what's gonna happen, but I think it's gonna be a blast." Not baaaad for his very first tour!

+ Watch Austin Mahone On Haters + Touring With Taylor Swift

Look out for Austin's new tunes in a few weeks, and take action below to learn more about how to silence da haterz.