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If you’ve ever been bullied, you know that it can make you feel alone. Well, you’re not alone -- Ke$ha’s been there, too. Today, she’s joining with Love is Louder to raise the volume on messages of love and support -- and she wants you to do the same! MTV released an exclusive clip from Ke$ha’s new show,"Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," in which Ke$ha opens up about her experiences with bullying and comforts a fan who’s dealing with bullying in his own life. “As someone that’s been bullied my entire life, I know first-hand how this type of victimization can destroy lives and relationships,” Ke$ha explained to us. “It is imperative that we empower kids to believe love and support are louder than anyone that brings us down.” Watch the moving clip below and have some tissues on hand:

+ Watch Ke$ha Help A Fan.

Um, don't you want to hug her superfan too?!?!  We also love Ke$ha's advice to the fan: "Be yourself. That's all I'm trying to do."

To inspire her Animals to support each other and combat bullying, she’s become Love is Louder’s newest celebrity ambassador -- and is asking her fan army to take a stand online. Here’s how: take a photo with the words “Love is Louder” appearing somewhere in the photo (people usually write it on their hands); then, post your pictures to Love is Louder’s Facebook wall, or post them to Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr using the hashtag #loveislouder, by May 21st. Ke$ha will be choosing her favorite photos and sharing them on her social media pages; a select few will even appear at the end of the May 28th finale of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life." True story, guys. You can also tweet what#loveislouder than for you to Ke$ha at @keshasuxx, and she’ll retweet some of her faves. So get your posting fingers ready, throw some glitter in the air and take action below to raise your voice.