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Critics Chill Out. Ke$ha Shows That 'Love Is Louder' In Latest Episode Of Her Show.

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Ke$ha: rockstar, pop phenomenon, beard lover and most importantly, human. Yes, we often put our fave celebs on a high pedestal, but as we see in tonight's episode of "My Crazy Beautiful Life," words carry power.

At some point in your life I'm sure you have been around some type of bullying. If not, then I want to move to whatever planet you're on!!! Watching Ke$ha discuss her personal struggle with bullying made her even more relatable. It also showed such a honest, raw side to an important topic that affects all of us.

It's bad enough to get criticism from one person but getting it from many in newspapers, online, videos and elsewhere? Pop stars have a great life but all that glitters is not gold and Ke$ha shows us just that. "Vultures are out there...just waiting to see me fail," said Ke$ha about her critics.

In the ep, blogger Perez Hilton says this about our glittery goddess: "I hate the stupid dollar sign in her name, I hate the stupid nose ring, I hate the stupid make-up, I hate the fact she looks like she smells and never showers...I'm over Ke$ha." Just typing that last sentence hurts my heart! We can't give too much away of the episode (Go watch it!) but it clearly shows that words sting. Really hard.

And in spite of all the negativity, Ke$ha has decided to take matters into her own hands and partner with the Love Is Louder campaign! The campaign was started by MTV, the Jed Foundation, and actress Brittany Snow to raise the volume on messages of love and acceptance.

Kesha My Crazy Beauitufl Life Episode 3

Photo: (MTV)

Wanna join forces with Ke$ha and Love Is Louder? Your photo could appear in an upcoming episode of her show and you could win tickets to an upcoming concert of hers! Here’s how: take a photo with the words “Love is Louder” appearing somewhere in the photo (people usually write it on their hands); then, post your pictures to Love is Louder’s Facebook wall, or post them to Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr using the hashtag #loveislouder, by May 21st. Ke$ha will be choosing her favorite photos and sharing them on her social media pages; a select few will even appear at the end of the May 28th finale of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life." You can also tweet what #loveislouder than for you to Ke$ha at @keshasuxx, and she’ll retweet some of her faves.

Whether you're an Animal that follows Ke$ha's every move, or maybe lean more towards a Little Monster, it's bad ass to see such a pop star taking the stand and joining this campaign.  So get involved, show that Love Is Louder and hopefully, we'll see your photo on MTV!