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In London, #RiotCleanup Rallies Youth To Counteract Days Of Riots And Destruction


Photo: People Gather Together To Clean Up London (Getty Images)

As people in London reel from yet another night of violent riots, authorities blame social media for such well-organized acts of spontaneous rage—but a whole movement of Londoners is out to prove that technology is just as ready to facilitate goodness.


Check out the Twitter photo below showing peaceful residents waving their brooms in the air at an impromptu cleanup effort, part of an online rally to counteract destruction and give hope to devastated neighborhoods.

The people behind Riot Cleanup are giving grassroots activists a way to organize and fight back against the protest-gone-wrong that took on a crushing life of its own. Follow @CleanupRiot on Twitter as a show of support for the good guys and join the Riot Cleanup Facebook group for more photos, updates and proof that young people are on the side of peace. Case in point: On Facebook, Louise Edmond posted, "This is the true London're all wonderful and make me proud to be a Londoner," while Kaya Burgesss at the Times, tweeted, "Almost everyone getting off the train at Clapham Junction is carrying a broom. #riotcleanup"

That's an image worthy of the front page. Bring it on, good guys.

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