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[INTERVIEW] Meet Gilo, One Of Ke$ha's Fiercest Animals!


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Animals listen up! We tracked down one of Ke$ha's most loyal fans (all the way from the UK) to chit chat about his inspiring appearance on the popstar's docu-series "My Crazy Beautiful Life."

As Ke$ha's series unfolded, we were introduced to a young lad by the name of Gilo! Yep, we had an opportunity to talk to the brave super fan! During his painful past, filled with bullying, he was able to turn to Ke$ha's music to inspire him to move onwards. "Bullying is hard. I don't fit in at all" said a much younger Gilo in the clip below. "And having someone that went through what I went through...I need it."

+ Watch Ke$ha Inspires Super Fan Gilo.

What's Gilo been up to since he filmed the episode? He's kept in touch with Ke$ha AND her moms. He's also in a better place now. "I've become much stronger and happier through my determination and the rough experiences I've had to deal with," he said.

The glittery goddess joined forces with the Love Is Louder to inspire her Animals to support each other and combat bullying and Gilo is following her lead as you can see in his Love Is Louder photo! Read more about Gilo and his story in our interview below.

MTV ACT: Let’s take a look back at when you first met Ke$ha. How did this come about?

GILO: It was back in 2011, I had originally bought some seats that were way up in the heavens, but I somehow stumbled upon the meet and greet package, saved up every penny I had and went along. I really didn't believe it was real until I saw her!

MTV ACT: Did you guys keep in touch after your first meet up?

Ever since we first met, her mum, Pebe, has always been in contact with me. She's been such a positive influence in my life and always asked how things were for me. She was always there for me when I had a few rough patches with school and other people. She's just as a fantastic woman as Ke$ha is.

Ke$ha is naturally always very busy, but every now and again she calls up just to see how I'm doing, and she's always been such a positive and inspirational influence on the choices I make and the mindset I keep up on life. Whenever she's back in the UK she always tries to find a way for me to come and see her, and those moments always cheer me up!

MTV ACT: What advice do you have for fellow Animals who may be struggling with bullying in their own lives?

GILO: You really have to keep strong to yourself. It was very hard for me, but because I kept true to myself and never lost who I was, I came out a Warrior. It's always tough never quite fitting in, or being ostracised and hurt just because of the person you are, but that's when you know something is different about you from the pack, and that is what makes you special.

But the main advice I could give is to take action against it. Never suffer from your bullies in silence and speak out about how they are treating you. I made that mistake, and it was more painful staying quiet than speaking out because it got worse. Talk to someone who has authority, a teacher or your parents, and take that first step to stopping it. Help others, work your hardest, and live life the best that you can.

MTV ACT: What's happened since the episode you were in aired? We heard some people have apologized to you?

GILO: I had heard of some people who originally started watching it to have a laugh at what I said or how I was -- but in the end they were very upset. As Ke$ha told me when I was unsure of putting my vulnerable moments out there, people can go from being nasty to realize how much they can hurt people. I've also received a lot of love particularly on Instagram, as people seem to find my account easily from Ke$ha's profile.

The messages of support and hearing how I inspire people to be strong and fight for being themselves have made me so happy -- all I wanted to do was to show people who mistreated me how their actions affect others, and to inspire others, and that's what has happened. The show has really helped me see the positive side of my past experiences, and it has really made me proud to see how far I have come.

MTV ACT: How did you get involved with Love Is Louder?

GILO: I had heard about Ke$ha's involvement and I really wanted to use the theme of the show to show my progress. I've become much stronger and happier through my determination and have more hope through the rough experiences I've had to deal with.

MTV ACT: What is it about Ke$ha’s music that makes it so personal to you?

GILO: I think it would be the whole idea of being who you want to be and not caring what other people think. It's such a powerful message and creates this idea that her fans are these "rabid misfits," and that in itself has made me feel as if I belong somewhere where I'm appreciated and loved for who I am.

But the Warrior title in itself is self-explanatory. Fighting through the bullsh*t to be happy in the end, that's something that's personal to myself and the journey I've been on since that first episode.

MTV ACT: Which Ke$ha song is your very favorite and why?

GILO: I'd probably say "Animal," but for empowerment and mood lifting I would say "We R Who We R." The simple message and context that she wrote it in really makes me feel happy and uplifted every time I put it on.