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Miley Cyrus 'Can't Stop' + Our Lives Are Much Better For It

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Twerking queen Miley Cyrus dropped her new single “We Can’t Stop” this week, and it’s just as awesome as we hoped it would be. The newly transformed singer has been hyping her fourth studio album, and dedicated this first single to the Smilers that have been with her since her Disney days.

Her fans look up to her so much, so we can’t stop hoping the singer will always inspire them with her heart of gold. Here are four things we hope Cyrus never stops doing.

+ She Can’t Stop…Caring About Animals

If you’re a Smiler, you know how much Miley loves her pups. She posts pictures of them on all of her social media channels, and she’s always advocating for causes like Saving SPOT! Rescue in Los Angeles. She’s also spoken out before about how important it is to adopt animals as opposed to buying them at a pet store.

+ She Can’t Stop…Shutting Down Digital Abuse

Miley knows the best party in the USA is one that unites us all. The singer recently took to Twitter to let her fans know that it’s never cool in her book to harass other fans or artists. She’s friends with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, so it makes sense Selenators, Swifties, and Smilers should all be able to get along and celebrate the girls, right? And remember, being an online bully is never a good look. You can find out more about digital abuse at A Thin Line.

+ She Can’t Stop…Schooling Everyone

With so many young fans, it’s makes perfect sense that Cyrus would be concerned about education for all. She recently appeared on the television special The Real Change Project: Artists for Education, where she adopted a classroom in her hometown of Nashville. We hope the singer never stops advocating for better classrooms, better teachers, and better resources for all.

+ She Can’t Stop…Rocking the Vote

Cyrus rocks a lot of things, but we’re big fans of how she rocked the vote during the last Presidential election. Since the singer is so young, she’s got many, many more elections in her future, so we can only hope that she’s as active in all of them as she was in the last one! What better way to show her fans that their voice matters than by encouraging them to vote?

Seeeee, toldja we're better off when Miley can't stop. For more on how you can get involved in some of Miley’s favorite causes, take action below.