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Selfless Snaps: One Direction Wants Us to Move Together Against Bullying in Schools

Photo: (YouTube)

Photo: (YouTube)

One Direction fans, get ready to freak out, because the boys are officially taking over the U.S. this summer!  They’ve got their sold-out tour coming up, and if that wasn’t enough, they just partnered with Office Depot to film an anti-bullying PSA to stop bullying in our schools!

Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall aren’t just seriously good-looking and talented young men; they also have huge hearts! Through their new partnership with Office Depot, the band will launch a 1D x OD product line which the performers helped design. A percentage of the sales from these limited-edition items will be donated to the Office Deport Foundation. The band hopes to raise at least $1 million to support anti-bullying programs in America.

As Niall told, the boys are “not long out of school” themselves, so they can totally relate to what it’s like to be surrounded by bullying in the halls. The PSA will be played before every concert in the boys’ U.S. tour this summer, which means thousands of their fans will be exposed to the video’s amazing message. Hopefully by the time school kicks off this fall the money they’ve raised will have helped our schools get closer to being bully-free zones.

+ Watch One Direction Take a Stand Against Bullying

If you see some of your friends bullying others, make sure you tell them to take the boys’ advice and “live kindly, love everyone, and move together against bullying.” If you are being bullied, you can find resources at Love is Louder and A Thin Line, or by taking action below.