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Have You Had to Deal With Digital Drama? Email Us Your Story


Photo: (Getty Images)

Have you ever read something online that was so hurtful you couldn’t believe someone was capable of writing it…and then realized it was about you? Been the gossip topic online? Flooded with hurtful texts?

Turn your digital drama into something positive by sharing your story with us as part of the A THIN LINE campaign. Your story could be featured on-air on MTV. Here’s How:

+ Send over a brief description of yourself, a summary of your story, and actual examples of the incident(s) to by SEPTEMBER 8th.

We would love to use your story as part of MTV’s A THIN LINE campaign to help empower others who have been victims of harassment or abuse online. We know speaking out about your experience can be intimidating, but show those bullies who’s boss by drawing your line between digital use and abuse and helping others do the same.