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Selfless Snaps: LeAnn Rimes Gives an "F" About Bullying

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

If we wanted to describe LeAnn Rimes with words that begin with “f,” we’d start with fabulous or fun. Earlier in the week, however, the singer stepped out on behalf of an anti-bullying movement, which means there’s a better word to describe this crooner: friend.

Remember that time Adam Lambert gave you the finger? Well, actually, he didn’t give YOU the finger; he was giving the finger to the idea of bullying. Thanks to the anti-bullying project Friend Movement, Hollywood has been buzzing with the new “f” word that should be on everyone’s lips. Because after all, you can all take a stand against bullying just by being a good friend to someone else.

Like a true friend, LeAnn Rimes hit the red carpet at the project’s benefit concert in Los Angeles on Monday. The singer was there to support the organization, but she also hit the stage to belt out a few notes against bullying. She was joined by other friends who supported the anti-bullying cause, including “The Voice” star Dia Frampton, Grammy-nominated Frenchie Davis, and “The Glee Project’s” Abraham Lim.

If you want to give the finger to bullying like Adam or want to be a true friend like LeAnn, you can find more info at Friend Movement. For more ways to get involved, you can also donate to the campaign or check out the action widgets below.