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Sweet Tweet: Josh Hutcherson Calls For People to be Nice

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

Josh Hutcherson isn’t big on Tweeting, but you know that whenever he does send out a Tweet, it’s definitely something worth reading. He doesn’t tell us what he had for breakfast — in fact, he often talks about important pro-social topics.

Over the weekend Josh Tweeted a very simple yet profound message:

Lots of people get crushes on his character Peeta, and now you can see why so many people get crushes on the actor himself! (And it's not just because he's so cute.) This boy has a heart of gold, and this message can work in any part of life. The fact that he’s not specific (“Please don’t be mean to so-and-so”) shows how far-reaching his message is. He’s talking about not being mean to anyone and everyone.

Sometimes Josh does get involved in more specific causes, like his awesome work with Straight But Not Narrow, an org that encourages straight allies to stand up for LGBTQ rights. Josh is getting ready to do a charity basketball game for them, and this isn’t the first time he’s gone on court to shoot hoops for the cause. When MTV Act got an exclusive interview with Josh last summer, he explained his involvement this way: “I have always believed in standing up for what I believe in and I believe that everyone deserves the right to love whoever they love no matter who they are.”

Whether he’s standing specifically for LGBTQ rights or standing for everyone’s rights in general, we like how this boy thinks!