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ACT-OFF: Rebecca Black "Can't Stop" Miley Cyrus, But She Can Stop Bullying

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

Miley Cyrus "Cant Stop," and neither can Rebecca Black, who has proven she is much more than her ultra catchy debut single, "Friday." The 16-year-old singer recently released a cover of Miley's "Can't Stop," and it turns out the two have even more in common: they're both so not okay with bullying.

Rebecca is a spokesperson for PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, and even designed a t-shirt for their second annual "Be Good To Each Other" campaign. When it comes to the haters, Rebecca takes a page out of Jay-Z's book and simply brushes that dirt off her shoulders. "I really just don't pay attention to them," she told us last year. "I think, how am I going to look at this in the future being 25? [I don't want to spend] my whole teenage years, which are supposed to be such a fun time, being negative."

Speaking of being good to each other, Miley recently asked her fans, and those of other artists, to (treat) Tweet each other better. "Please Smilers don't ever think somehow you are supporting me by being hateful towards other artists. My fans make me proud by supporting my music & everything I do," she wrote. According to MTV's A Thin Line, 17% of young people have been bullied online or via text message, but Miley's all about stopping that Interwebz hate.

Check out Rebecca's Miley cover, then follow the Action Links below to support your favorite lady's favorite cause. Or click both if you "Can't Stop" waiting for "Friday."

+ Watch Rebecca Black sing Miley Cyrus' "Can't Stop".