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Talking 'Bout The Blurred Lines...Of Sexting

Photos: (Getty, Apple)

Photos: (Getty, Apple)

They say nudity is in the eye of the beholder, but in 2013, it can quickly be in the eye of everyone with a cell phone or the Internet. As technology and smartphone apps like Snapchat make taking and sending dirty pics easier, and more widely accepted, there are a few things we need to keep in mind:

+ According to A Thin Line, 61% of those who sext have been pressured to do so at least once.

It only takes four words for me to go from totally psyched about the hot guy I met at the bar to not into him at all: "Send me a pic." One, I don't think anyone should see your naked body for the first time on their cell phone. Two, you don't get to decide if or when I send you a sexy photo. When it comes to sexting, and all sex-related stuff, you should never feel pressured into doing anything you're uncomfortable with. If your someone you know is insistent upon sexting, send 'em a link to Robin Thicke's uncensored "Blurred Lines" video. That outta do the trick. It is #1 on the Hot 100, after all!

+ According to DoSomething, over 50% of those who shared a sext shared it with other people.

More than half of all sexts are shared with more than one person. Talk about killing two birds with one...bone. Just like you sent that awesome picture of the sunset to more than one friend, keep in mind that some folks are all about sharing photos of the full moon!

+ 1 in 5 recipients have passed the sext along to someone else.

Don't fall victim to a sext-offender! When you share intimate photos with one person, you run the risk of their entire social network seeing them as well -- be it an intentional burn, a careless accident, or even what is intended to be a compliment. ("Yo! Check out how hot my girl is...") Also, be mindful of the photos you post of yourself. It may seem harmless now, but that Instagram of you doing a keg stand in your Superman undies could come back to haunt you when you're applying for jobs or colleges.

When it comes to media sharing, privacy lines can be extremely blurry. Follow the Action Links below to learn more about sexting, and to decide where you draw the (blurred) line.