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[TRAILER] Digital Drama Uncensored in MTV’s New Movie, 'DISconnected'


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The girl who leaves 40 missed calls in an hour on her boyfriend’s phone--and recruits you to analyze every text. The guy whose uploaded songs you know by heart but not his name. The online superstar who keeps his 3,000 friends up-to-date on his every move...and of course that picture that ends up being sent to well, everyone. Sound familiar?


All of this and more make an appearance in MTV’s new original movie, DISconnected.
DISconnected tells the story of four young people living in different cities who have never met, but know each other through a live streaming site. Their constant contact brings new friendships, relationships, and lives together but their digital drama gets increasingly complicated until one night changes everything.

Be sure to tune in for the premiere of DISconnected on Monday October 10th at 9/8c. In the meantime, check out the trailer for DISconnected.

Tell us what you hate about digital drama--and how you keep it under control--in the comments below.