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An Online Gamer Takes Her Love Offline On 'Catfish'

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

On tonight's episode of "Catfish," we meet Jennifer — a girl who finds acceptance in the online gaming community after being continuously bullied offline. She's been chatting with "Skylar," another member of her virtual community, for a while now, but the two have never met or even video chatted. Ready to move forward, Jennifer enlists Nev and Max to help her discover whether or not Skylar is the real deal.

It is not uncommon for people who feel abandoned in the physical world to seek acceptance in the digital one. Relationship expert and founder of online therapy site Pretty Padded Room, Bea Arthur, explains, "It’s understandable to seek out acceptance online when you don't have it in your real life, but we only grow when we are challenged. So although being proactive about making online connections is a good start, once your confidence is built up a bit more, get back out there and find a real place where you belong."

Although Jennifer is finally confident enough to turn her online interactions into something more, "Skylar" seems suspiciously hesitant. "Skylar" was a tech major (i.e. a computer expert) in college, and Nev and Max find it odd that he doesn't have Facebook or Skype. If you're in an online (or any) relationship and notice similar inconsistencies, Bea suggests confronting them immediately. "While it’s true that not everyone has Facebook, if they have an online presence, they have a computer and Skype is free," she says. "And always remember, especially when it comes to good-looking people: They want to be seen! If it’s really them, your inbox should be flooded with selfies." LOL! So true!

We're not gonna ruin the end of the episode for you, but it's a total tear-jerker filled with "catfish" galore! The Internet is an awesome place, but it's also a place where we need to remain mindful of who we are, what we say and to whom. Catch "Catfish" on MTV, Tuesdays at 10/9c, and follow the action links below to learn more about building healthy relationships — on and offline.