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Selfless Snaps: Zooey Deschanel Opens Up About Bullies From The Past + Present

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

September is coming, which means our favorite magazines are putting out their most anticipated issues of the year. With big issues come big cover stars, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see the star of the hit show “New Girl” on the cover of next month’s Marie Claire.

In the magazine, Zooey Deschanel talks about her bullies and how her site,, is all about helping the next generation. If you look at Deschanel now, you’d be hard-pressed to imagine a chubby, awkward girl. Outside of her acting and musical talents, the actress is easily-identifiable with her super-shiny hair and big, doe eyes. But just because she’s now well on her way to superstardom doesn’t mean Deschanel has always had it easy. In Marie Claire, she talks about her bullies: the ones she’s long-since forgiven and the ones she’s facing now.


Photo: Zooey Deschanel looking fly on the September issue of Mare Claire. (Marie Claire)

Although the actress has forgiven the middle school bully who spit in her face, she hasn’t forgotten that moment. Fast-forward to present day and Deschanel is still facing near-constant bullies in the digital world. In the article, she mentions the people are “just attacking who I am…A lot of times it doesn’t have to do with what I get paid to do. It has to do with, ‘Oh you stupid person.’”

Enter, the website Deschanel helped found, where bullying is definitely not tolerated. Part of the reason she started the site, which serves as a “positive online community for women,” is because she often found herself getting “overwhelmed by how negative the Internet can get.” The actress wanted to create a place where the next generation wouldn’t have to be so afraid of being attacked. She wants to teach young girls to be “strong people.”

If, like Deschanel, you’ve experienced digital abuse, you can find resources at A Thin Line or by checking out the action widgets below. If you want to pick up Marie Claire’s September issue, it hits newsstands on August 13.