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Act-Off Dance-Off: Snooki vs. Bill Nye The Science Guy

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

The lineup for the 17th season of "Dancing With The Stars" has been announced, and the competition's lookin' fierce. MTV's very own Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi will be vying for coveted mirror ball against stars like Christina Milian, Corbin Bleu, and -- get this -- Bill Nye the science guy!

But which star is the biggest winner in real life? We'll let you be the judge.

+ Snooki Stands Up To Her Haterz

Although she's a successful businesswoman, a phenomenal mother, and way richer than I'll ever be, Snooki just can't seem to get the haters off her back. But she's not letting them get her down. "It’s not a secret that I may not be the most liked person on the planet," she recently wrote on her blog. "Especially because people love to judge me off of Jersey Shore....Everyone judges one another and EVERYONE has an opinion. It’s up to you to say, Bitch please, you have no idea what you’re talking about because I’m fabulous." This isn't the first time Nicole has taken a stand against bullying. Last year, she shared her experiences with high school bullies in a fab PSA for A Thin Line.

+ Bill Nye Is All Spaced Out

My little brother doesn't know who "Bill Nye, the science guy" is, and it makes me feel really old. Bill used to host, like, the most amazing science show ever created, and is currently the CEO of The Planetary Society  -- an org that's all about teaching young people about the wonders of space. If you've ever wondered WTF is up there, The Planetary Society is here to help ya out. And if you wish the gov would invest more into space exploration, they encourage you to take action and write your Congressional representatives!

So who will you be rooting for this fall? Do you want Snooki to fist pump her way to the top, or are you hopin' Bill will show America that scientists have sweet moves too? Follow the Action Links below to support your fave celeb's favorite cause.