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ACT-OFF: Janelle Monae vs 2 Chainz OR Electric Ladies vs. Black Unicorns

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

Janelle Monae and 2 Chainz have a lot in common. They're both successful artists, they're both fashion-forward (Can you believe 2 Chainz wore the same pants as Grimes at the 2013 VMAs?!), and they both have new albums out today. Most importantly, they're model citizens who use their fame to motivate and inspire others.

+ Janelle Monae Starts Good Rumors

While many people use social media to share gossip, rumors, selfies, and coffee shots, Janelle Monae uses her online voice to spread nothin' but good vibes. "Just like a rumor can get carried on, so can inspiration," reads her Twitter bio. There's A Thin Line between digital use and digital abuse, and it's one that people often cross unknowingly.

When it came time to create her new album, The Electric Lady, Monae found inspiration in powerful women. "I started to think of a world where there were more electric ladies, there was a new breed of women," she told Billboard mag. "What I wanted to do was create an album that deals with this concept of the Electric Lady and a world where these electric ladies were realizing their super powers...and nurturing the community through their gifts and their unique perspectives on life."

+ 2 Chainz Stops Bad Actions


This April, 2 Chainz joined the Atlanta Martin Luther King Jr. Center's 50 Days of Nonviolence campaign to challenge students to abstain from violence for the remainder of the school year."Its nonviolence or nonexistence," he said in a promo vid, quoting MLK Jr. 160,000 students skip school every day for fear of being bullied, but 2 Chainz ain't ridin' 'round and gettin' with that! We wonder if there will be any inspirational bangers on his new album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. With song titles like "Black Unicorn," "Netflix," and "Feds Watching," we're seriously intrigued.

Are you more of an Electric Lady or a "Black Unicorn"? Support your fave artist's fave cause by following the action links below.