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'Catfish' Stars Nev + Max Tackle Your Online Dating Q's, Part 3 [VIDEO]


"Catfish" hosts Nev and Max have teamed up with MTV Act and MTV's campaign against digital abuse, A Thin Line, to create Over The Line Confessionals — a series of Q&A sessions with the online relationship experts. In today's video installment, the fellas discuss how to tell your parents about your online relationship.

+ Watch Nev and Max Discuss When To Tell Your Parents About Your Online Relationship

"I started dating this guy online,” confesses today's Over The Line user. "But he's older. He's 27. How should I tell my parents?" Firstly, props to you for recognizing the importance of being honest with your folks! "Your instinct to tell your parents is good," says Nev, "and I think they'll be happy that you came to them and asked them for help." Remember, not hip as some of our parents may seem, they were once teens too.

Nev and Max make it clear that a 27-year-old man pursuing a relationship with anyone under 18 is, as they say, “inappropriate.”

"I'm gonna assume that you're under 18," says Nev. "In which case I would say that it's probably not a very good idea for you to be pursuing this relationship right now.”

Watch the video for more insights from the always dashing Nev + Max!

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