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'Catfish' Gets Cartooned + Why You Should 'Wear A Condom' Online [VIDEO]


Photo: (MTV)

Nev and Max have seen a lot of digital drama in their time hosting “Catfish.” Now, they’re sharing their advice and personal stories in the “Catfish Guide to Avoiding Digital Drama,” a new animated series telling you how to make sure that you’re playing it cool online. In this week’s installment, animated by Neta Cohen, the fellas compare online safety to wearing a condom.


+ Watch Nev and Max Discuss Wearing A Condom In Your Online Relationship.

"Just like you would with a condom, protect yourself in any kind of online relationship," says Nev. Just like you and your sexual partner should get tested for STDs, the boys stress the importance of confirming your online lover's identity, and making him or her earn your trust before getting too serious. People fool each other in offline relationships all the time, and "Catfish" fans know that it's exponentially easier to be led on (and let down) when you've never met someone in person.

Lucky for us, it's 2013, and there are so many ways to make sure the people you meet online are really who they say they are. If you're lookin' to confirm someone's identity, suggest Skype, FaceTime, or any other live video app. If you don't have a smartphone or webcam, ask your friend to take a photograph holding up a piece of paper with the date on it.

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Animation credits:

Neta Cohen

Yoav Bril - Animation

Ori Toor - Animation

Lior Ben Horin - Animation, Photography

Adi Yerushalmi - Hand model