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So, What Kind Of Boys Does Ariana Grande Like? [VIDEO]


Photo: (Getty)

In today's edition of "Famous People Dating Famous People," Ariana Grande and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes are officially official. The two ended longtime speculation about their relationship today with a couple of sweet Tweets. Coincidentally, we just interviewed Ariana Grande about her tastes in men!

+ Watch Ariana Grande On Whether She Likes Bad Boys Or Good Boys

Even though she sings about bad boys in "The Way," Ariana is so not into 'em. "I've done the bad boy thing," she said. "It was fun for a good three months. But the thing about bad boys is, you have to keep in mind, you're never gonna marry a bad boy." Our girl A' was totes alluding to Nathan when she told us what kinda guys she does like: "I love nerdy, cute, quirky boys who don't take themselves too seriously," she admit.

Bad boys (and girls) may look cool on T.V., but there's nothing cool about dating someone who doesn't act or treat you right. Love Is Respect is all about teaching people how to spot and leave unhealthy relationships. And just because your partner isn't physically abusive doesn't mean your relationship is healthy. There are many types of abuse, including verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and even your significant other snooping through your phone or social media accounts.

Follow the action links below if, like Ariana and Nathan, you think it's time for nice boys and girls finish first.