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'Catfish' Gets Cartooned + What You Should And Shouldn't Share Online [VIDEO]

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Nev and Max have seen all kinds of digital drama in their time hosting “Catfish.” Now, they’re sharing their advice and personal stories in the “Catfish Guide to Avoiding Digital Drama,” a new animated series that tells you how to make sure that you're playing it cool online. In this week’s installment, animated by Lisa Ramsey, the fellas discuss what sort of information and pics you should and shouldn't share online.

+ Watch Nev and Max Talk About Sharing Personal Information and Photos Online.

"In any relationship, it's very important to make someone earn your trust before giving them any private information about yourself," advises Nev. "That could be your phone number, your address, that could even be sending pictures of yourself that are in any way private." Nev is obvi referring to sexy pics, or any photos that could somehow compromise your image in the future. Like of you doing keg stands at a party, or doing anything illegal. We understand that it's a digital age, but some things are better left in your memory and off of your memory card.

"The greatest and most terrible thing about digital information is that it never disappears," says Max. "So keep that in mind when you post an inappropriate image of yourself online. That image could haunt you for the rest of your life, if you're running for president, if you're applying for a job, if you're getting married to someone else one day and that image pops up of you." This doesn't just apply to posting photos on social media, but also to texting compromising images to friends or significant others. You never know where those dirty pics of you could end up -- especially if things go south in your relationship. According to MTV's A Thin Line, one in five sext recipients passes the dirty photo on to someone else!

The most important thing is to never give anyone you meet online, or know in person, info or images that you don't feel comfortable sharing. "Don't let someone pressure you into sending them something," stresses Nev, "whether it's information or photos." It's your life, your body, and your future, and it's up to you to protect them.