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Cher Lloyd 'Really Don't Care' About Her Haters [VIDEO]

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

We love singer/songwriter and  Brit "X-Factor" contestant Cher Lloyd. Not only does she have a fierce voice and equally as fierce fashion sense, but she's mastered brushin' the haters off.

Since Cher's debut album is called Sticks & Stones, we sat down with her to find out why sticks and stones may break her bones, but names can never hurt her.

+ Watch Cher Lloyd Tells Us  Why She "Really Don't Care"

Cher recently collaborated with Demi Lovato on "Really Don't Care," so we asked her why she "Really Don't Care" about being criticized. "I think criticism is good for me," says Cher in her fab Brit accent. "It keeps me on my toes." Cher thinks a little criticism can be motivating, but only when it's constructive. She "Really Don't Care" for people whose criticism is only intended to hurt. "There's constructive criticism, and then there's too far and borderline bully-mean," she says. "I don't like them."

+ Watch Cher Lloyd On How To Handle The Haters

Cher's debut album is called Sticks & Stones, so we asked her how she deals with bullying and criticism. "I wouldn't say avoid it, because it is never that simple to avoid," she says. "Once [the haters are in your head], it's very difficult to just erase it." If something someone has said (or Tweeted) is getting to your head, Cher advises talking about it. "We're all human. We have feelings," she says. "Just talk to someone about it. Be very open and honest."

Follow the action links below to learn more about how to combat the haters, or how to deal with it if they're getting to your head.