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'Catfish' Gets Cartooned + Discuss Supporting Your Friends In Online Relationships

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Nev and Max have seen all kinds of digital drama in their time hosting “Catfish.” Now, they’re sharing their advice and personal stories in the “Catfish Guide to Avoiding Digital Drama." In this week’s installment, animated by Marina Gagarina, the fellas discuss the importance of being there for your friends in online relationships.

+ Watch Nev and Max Talk About Supporting Your Friends In Online Relationships

“It’s important to support friends who are dealing with digital drama,” says Nev. If you’ve seen the original “Catfish” movie you know that Nev was once Catfished much like many of the people on his show. But having his friends and family there made all the difference. “We all went together to meet this person, and even though it didn’t turn out to be the girl of my dreams, having my brother there, and my best friend really made the difference in helping me deal with it,” he explains.

If a friend of yours is in an online relationship, Nev stresses the importance of supporting them.

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