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Sweet Tweet: *NSYNC Says 'Bye Bye Bye' To Bullying


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*NSYNC wants to say, “Bye Bye Bye” to bullying, because hearing about what people go through is really “Tearin’ Up [Their] Hearts.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) That’s why they’re backing Friend Movement.

The guys who made people scream and cry (and turn thirteen again) at the VMAs Tweeted:

Elliot London and Ronnie Kroell, cofounders of Friend Movement, are trekking the United States to spread awareness and compassion. They started in Chicago and their destination is New York City, where they will have a candlelight vigil. This trek is dedicated to Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after being cyberbullied.

But this trek isn’t solely about Tyler and his bullying experience. It’s about ALL people who have been bullied. Friendship Movement has set up an Indiegogo page to help pay for the costs of this trek, and they explain there, “Even those doing the bullying have their own baggage to carry and can benefit from a community that is willing to show them love and friendship. The opposite of bullying is friendship, therefore by promoting friendship we can defuse and prevent bullying... This walk is meant to inspire, enlighten, and help build confidence in youth and adults alike.”

If you donate $20 toward the campaign, it allows you to dedicate a purple ribbon that will be displayed at the candlelight vigil. Maybe you lost someone close to you and you’d like a ribbon for them to be there. Elliot and Ronnie are also placing purple ribbons every mile they go to honor the memory of someone who committed suicide because of bullying.