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Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

"Catfish" hosts Nev and Max have teamed up with MTV Act and MTV's campaign against digital abuse, A Thin Line, to create Over The Line Confessionals — a series of Q&A sessions with the online relationship experts. In today's video installment, the fellas tackle what to do if you find yourself in an online fling with someone older.

+ Watch Nev And Max Discuss What To Do If You're Into Someone Older

"So I met this boy online and I've known him for like six months," shared a fan. "He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I don't know because of the age difference. I'm 13 and he's 16."

They say "age ain't nothing but a number," but at 13 and 16, three years mean the difference between middle school and high school, driving and not driving, and a whole lotta other things that can make the age gap seem larger. "In this instance, if you're 13 and he's 16, those three years of age difference do make a difference," says Max. "As you get older age becomes less important, but right now that's a big difference."

If you don't believe what a big difference a few years makes, Google "Justin Bieber 14."

This doesn't mean you have to cut it off with your older crush, but the boys suggest taking your time and waiting until the age difference doesn't seem like such a big deal. "I would continue talking to him online, but not give out too much of your personal information," says Max. "Make it your goal to find out as much as you can before you even consider dating him," adds Nev.

Got digital drama? Share your story and rate others at Over the Line.