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Watch the Video Premiere of Morgan Frazier's "Hey Bully"

Photo: (Curb Records)

Photo: (Curb Records)

Country singer Morgan Frazier uses her songwriting skills to tell her truth and move the masses. Her song “Hey Bully” comes from the pain of knowing what bullying is really like, and she’s joined up with the org Stand for the Silent to help put a stop to bullying. The 20-year-old is also debuting her new music video for "Hey Bully" with us, which you can watch below.

+ Watch Morgan Frazier's "Hey Bully" video.

The video was filmed in Nashville and some of the students in the video, have personal experiences with bullying too. Right now, Morgan is touring with Stand for the Silent, so she can perform her touching song and talk to schools. She made time in her busy schedule to speak to MTV Act about the inspiration for her song “Hey Bully,” ways people can take a stand, and why she wants to collaborate with Taylor Swift.

ACT: Your song “Hey Bully” is very powerful! Can you tell us about your inspiration for it?

MORGAN: Growing up, I was bullied really, really bad in school. I had warts on my face as a kid, and the kids called me “Warty.” From third grade to fifth grade it was really bad, and my mom took me out of public school and put me in homeschool because of it.

In the last year, it seems like every time I turn on the news there’s a story about a kid, you know, 10, 11, 12-years-old, committing suicide. It hurts my heart to see they feel this is the only way out. This is something I can relate to, and I want my song to touch anyone who feels alone.

ACT: As someone who knows firsthand what it’s like to be bullied, what are you hoping to accomplish with the song?

: Really to let people know they’re not alone. It happened to me, and it happens to kids around the world. Just to let them know suicide is not the way to handle it. As a young person, we’re so here and now, but we need to look beyond the now and know there’s a better tomorrow.

ACT: How are you working with Stand for the Silent? What should people know about the org?

MORGAN: Right now, as we speak, I’m out on the road with Stand for the Silent, visiting schools. We just visited a school here in New Bern, North Carolina. We’re trying to raise the awareness of the issue.

Stand for the Silent was started by Kirk and Laura Smalley who lost their son, Ty. Ty was eleven. He got suspended from school for retaliating against a student who’d been bullying him for two years straight. He went home and committed suicide. Ever since then, Kirk and his wife have devoted their lives to traveling to schools and raising awareness.


Photo: Morgan talking to middle school students in Wisconsin. (Facebook)

ACT: What are some ways people can take a stand against bullying?

MORGAN: If you’re a bystander, you can stand up for these kids who are being tortured every day. One of the things Kirk says in his presentation is that you don’t have to be their best friend; just take a stand. You never know what one word is going to do to these kids. Even a “Hello” or “Hi.”

ACT: For people just discovering you, can you tell us about your music?

: I grew up in a little, small town called Breckenridge, Texas, outside of Dallas. I’m a songwriter. I love to write songs, I love to tell stories. That’s what I love about country music. My music is kind of an open book to who I am.

You can find my music at my website, which also has all my Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links. iTunes has my two singles.

ACT: If you could join forces to stop bullying with any celeb who would it be and why?

MORGAN: Oh, probably Taylor Swift! I love her song, “Mean.” I just recently went to one of her shows she did on the Red tour and I loved what she said about bullying. She was talking about ways to deal with it, and that no matter how rich, how famous, how pretty you are, people are always going to find a way to put you down. You shouldn’t let it get to you. The way she handled it was through her music. I think she would be my ideal person.


Photo: Morgan singing her big, beautiful heart out! (Facebook)