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One Direction Hearts Scott Woodward. And You Will Too. [VIDEO]

Photo: (Scott Woodward)

Photo: (Scott Woodward)

The boys of One Direction wanna get #Together with you. Seriously. Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis wanna go everywhere you go -- even to school... in your backpack. 1D recently teamed up with Office Depot  and SEW BRANDED CEO Scott Woodward to create a special line of school supplies to fund an educational campaign to stop bullying.

Last week, Woodward was honored at the 27th annual Emery Awards alongside Chelsea Clinton, Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo and the first openly transgender athlete in MMA history Fallon Fox. In this exclusive clip, 1D explains their OD collaboration and Liam gives Scott a congratulatory shout-out. All in those sweet Brit accents we love so much.

"Too many youth are subjected to needless cruel behavior, inhibiting them from being true to themselves and reaching their full potential in life," Woodward  told MTV Act. He says that the best way to prevent bullying to to "simply stop and think before you speak or potentially say something hurtful to someone. It's really as simple as living out the 'Golden Rule' daily."

Scott described working with the "Story of My Life" singers as "magic." He loved how "funny, playful , genuine, spontaneous and normal they all are individually and together given their massive fame." Spontaneous?!?! He had to be talking about Harry, right?! <3

One million dollars raised by One Direction's Office Depot line will go directly to inspiring bully-free schools. Head over to the #Together website to get your 1D school swag online and see fellow fans' #Together photos.