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ACT-OFF: Demi Lovato vs. Taylor Swift — Good Role Model vs. Good Role Model

Photos: (Getty)

Photos: (Getty)

While some celebs get in Twitter feuds (and real-life feuds), Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift use their star power to set a good example for their young fans. We're all about these ladies, who choose to be positive role models in a world filled with so many negative ones.

+ Demi Says All Celebs Should Be Role Models


In an interview about Staying Strong, her new book of daily inspirational thoughts, Demi had a bone to pick with celebs who don't think it's their job to be role models. "I used to say that too," she told EW. "That was my excuse to do whatever the f— I wanted and not give a s— about what other people thought. Then I ended up going through some stuff. I realized I’m never going to escape the fact that I’m in the public eye, so I might as well do the best I can."

Demi's become quite a role model over the years, opening up — perhaps more than any young celeb ever has — about her struggles with drugs, alcohol and body image. It's her honesty about being her time of need makes her such a strong role model. The "Really Don't Care" singer really does care about  her fans speaking up about their mental health and not being afraid or ashamed to seek help if they need it.

+ Taylor Swift Says Good Role Models Make Mistakes


Much like Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift doesn't think role models have to be perfect. "There’s room for role models who make mistakes," she told Glamour mag. "It’s not just about standing on top of the mountain with the wind blowing in your hair, looking fabulous. My priority is not seeming like the coolest person in the music industry, or hardcore, or like some bombshell."

When it comes to dealing with bullies, in person or online, Tay Tay doesn't let anyone turn her face "RED" with anger. "You can be obsessed with the bad things people say or the good things," she said. "Either way you’re obsessed with yourself and I’m not."

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