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"Catfish" hosts Nev and Max have teamed up with MTV Act and MTV's campaign against digital abuse, A Thin Line, to create Over The Line Confessionals — a series of Q&A sessions with the online relationship experts. In today's video installment, the fellas talk about when it's okay to meet up with an online friend.

+ Watch Nev And Max Discuss Meeting Up

+ Get Proof

Before you make real-life plans with anyone you've met online or on a dating app (Tinder, anyone?), get proof of who they are. In fact, get double proof! The worst thing imaginable is showing up to a date with a hot babe only to realize they look nothing like their Facebook pictures. Oh, and there's the safety factor. Nev and Max recommend both video chatting and asking for some form of identification, like a driver's license or school ID, before meeting your online lover or friend in person.

+ Meet in Public

Just to be safe, have your first meet-up in a public place. If you wanna be extra safe, drive yourself there. Also, tell a close friend or family member where you're going and with who. We don't care how grown you are: it never hurts to err on the safe side and have someone looking out for you.

+ Bring a Friend

Speaking of which, Nev and Max suggest bringing a friend on your first date. And it doesn't have to be all awkward and third-wheely — have a group hang at the movies, a double date at a delicious restaurant, or take a cue out of your favorite romantic comedy and have a friend secretly spy on you from nearby. You know you wanna. No matter how old we get, ninja mode will always be fun.

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