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The Cast Of 'Generation Cryo' Sets The Record Straight About Donor Kids [Video]

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Bree and her half siblings may be in the process of tracking down their sperm donor father, but they want to set the record straight that there is more to this journey than finding one mystery man. We sat down with the cast of "Generation Cryo" to learn more about who they are really searching for and why.

+ Watch Bree And Her Half Siblings Discuss Misconceptions About Donor Kids

It seems like the siblings feel truly supported by each other, which helps when responding to bullies in real life and online. As Jayme points out, strangers online don't actually know her or her story, so she tries to not let their assumptions or judgements affect her.

"We're doing this to find each other," says oldest sister Paige. Her half-sister Molly, chimes in, "yeah, and ourselves!"

Whether you're a sperm-donor kid or not, this is some really solid advice. Remember, you are who you are, and your family is your family -- no one can change that.

If you are struggling with family or identity issues, head to for resources and information.