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The Kids Of 'Generation Cryo' Have Something To Say About Bullies [VIDEOS]

Photo: (MTV)

Photo: (MTV)

Being bullied sucks, but unfortunately it happens to all of us at least some point in our lives. During those tough times we often rely on support networks to help us through. Well, imagine if your support network consisted of 15 half brothers and sisters? The cast of "Generation Cryo" sat down with us to discuss how they handle bullies.

Bree and her family all have big personalities, but they agree on one thing: no one has time for bullies.

"If someone is bullying you, that's about them, and something that's going on inside of them," says half-sister Molly. The rest of the family agrees, that while being bullied is often painful, it is important to remember that it does get better.

+ Watch The Cast Of 'Generation Cryo' Discuss Bullying.

While Bree says she's never personally been bullied for being a sperm-donor kid, she knows some of her half-siblings have. She felt like her parents tried to protect her from potential bullies when she was a kid, even going so far as telling her to tell people that her dad was dead.

But now Bree is a proud sperm-donor kid, with over a half-dozen half siblings! See, things really do get better (that's a lot of birthday presents!)

+ Watch Bree Discuss Being Bullied.

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