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Miguelito Opens Up About Bullying, Justin Bieber + His Music! [VIDEOS]

Photo: (Getty)

Photo: (Getty)

At the young age of 14, Puerto Rican singer Miguelito, has a lot to be proud of. As the youngest person to win a Latin Grammy, and about to debut his eighth album early next year, he may just give young stars like Justin Bieber a run for his money!

Miguelito popped into our studio, where we had a chance to sit down with the singer. There is no doubt that 2014 is going to be a massive year for him, so he is def one to watch! From his fashion style, to his incredible vocals, he is the full package.

When it comes to his music he told us, "I really like to fuse the music. I started doing actually reggaeton and then now finished doing pop and R&B, and a lot of things. I'm really open minded."

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Whether it happens in your school or online, almost everyone is bullied at some point in their lives. Miguelito knows just how painful it can be. He opened up to us by revealing, "It was actually a personal experience. When I was about 7 or 8, I was bullied in my school because of what I was doing, because I was singing and all that. And this guy that was telling me 'oh you're not going to be anything in the future, you just suck, you don't sing well'".

Thankfully, this didn't stop Miguelito from pursuing his dreams. Rather, he decided to tell his parents about his experience being bullied. He says, "I went to my dad and my mom, and told them I was being bullied in school. We then went to my teacher, then to the principal, and solved everything. What I tell the kids is to speak up. Tell your dads or adults who can solve it." Below you can watch more of Miguelito discussing bullying.

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When it comes to the comparisons between him and Justin Bieber, he told us, "They tell me I'm the Latino Justin Bieber, but yea know, that's really cool because what he accomplished. We both are teenagers and there are not a lot of teenagers who have won Grammys and awards."

We can't wait to hear the new album, and to see what else Miguelito accomplishes in 2014! Below is the full clip of Miguelito talking Justin Bieber! Take a look.

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