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5 Ways to Continue Fighting For MLK's Dream


Today's Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, but it's not just about the cakecakecakecakecakecake. It's about remembering everything the Civil Rights activist did for our country, and keeping his iconic dream alive today.

If MLK Jr. were still alive, he'd surely have a lot to do and say about bullying, gun violence and gay rights. The following campaigns are combating each of these issues in the same peaceful way MLK stood up to injustice and inequality.

+ #ChooseNonviolence

The King Center is asking Americans to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day by adopting his philosophy of nonviolence. Join the peaceful movement by promising to abstain from gun violence, which includes avoiding violent movies and video games, by holding your tongue and avoiding hurtful language, and by refusing to engage in all forms of physical violence. Use Twitter or Instagram to make your peaceful pledge with the hashtag #ChooseNonviolence.

+ Draw 'A Thin Line'

As innovative as social media is, networks like Twitter and Facebook are often used to hurt people verbally and emotionally. While victims of digital cruelty may be tempted to strike back, MLK would definitely not be down with that. A Thin Line teaches you how to respond to digital negativity with positivity — a surefire way to curb hatred, racism and violence.

+ Support the NAACP

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is the leading organization in the US working to end race-related discrimination. They recently held a gun buyback event in an effort to decrease violence by getting guns off the streets. Support the NAACP by becoming a memberspreading the  good word on social media, signing up for action alerts or donating.

+ #DeleteDigitalDrama

Seventeen Magazine and ABC Family recently came together for the #DeleteDigitalDrama campaign, which urges teens to tackle cyber bullying in the same way MLK Jr. would if he were around today — without stooping to the same low level. Rather than responding to or even acknowledging cyber bullies, #DeleteDigitalDrama asks teens to eliminate them from their digital lives by cutting off social media ties rather than engaging in a petty back-and-forth. The campaign is popular with celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Demi Lovato and Emma Roberts.

+ Support Equality for All

The gay rights movement has been called the Civil Rights movement of our day. It's all about equality, after all, which everyone deserves regardless of race, sex or sexual orientation. The Human Rights Campaign is working towards marriage equality across the United States. Follow the Action Link below to support the HRC and NAACP make MLK's dream a reality today.