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Throwback Thursday: Mariah Carey Is Eternally Talented

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In a pre-Valentine’s Day wish come true, Mariah Carey stopped by MTV studios last night to debut her new music video titled ”You’re Mine (Eternal)”, a love ballad that is perfect for the 14th. If anyone knows how to do romance right, it’s Mariah!

+ Watch Mariah Carey’s “You’re Mine (Eternal)”.               

The romantic song was produced and written by the super talented Rodney Jenkins, and is just one of the songs on Mariah’s upcoming album, The Art of Letting Go, which comes out May 6th.

When it comes to Mariah, she has entertained us through the years giving us some of the most brilliant music to enjoy. From her TRL appearances, to her performances at the MTV VMA’s, she is a legend we can’t get enough of.

Born in Long Island, New York, the singer was first signed to Columbia Records at the age of 18 and soon sky-rocketed to fame. Besides her brilliant music, she uses her platform for a bigger purposes, like throwing her support behind Barack Obama, and helping in relief efforts after devastating storms. Oh, and of course we have to mention Mariah’s support to causes without mentioning her incredible LGBT efforts!

During an interview with the Advocate, Mariah Carey gave some good advice on overcoming bullying by explaining, “You have to stay strong, rely on your true friends, and try to get through it, as opposed to drowning in it. Look at how many people suffered during high school and came out of it a better, stronger adult. That’s the thing to focus on.”

We can’t wait to hear more songs to come — def keep an eye out for her new album dropping, May 6th!

Also, here is a real Valentine’s Day Throwback — one of our all time favorites!

+ Watch Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.”