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Selfless Snaps: Best Kiss Winner Will Poulter Is an Ambassador Against Bullying

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Press Room
Last night it was awesome to be Will Poulter! On top of winning Best Kiss with Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts, he got the Golden Popcorn for Breakthrough Performance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. But it turns out Will isn’t just awesome for his acting — he’s also awesome for his anti-bullying work!

Just before the Movie Awards, the “We’re the Millers” actor retweeted:

The Anti-Bullying Ambassador program is based in the UK and it helps teach young Brits how to prevent bullying. Even if you’re reading this on the other side of the pond, it doesn’t mean its lessons aren’t as important here as they are elsewhere.

Will and others in the vid are all taking turns reciting an anti-bullying poem. It includes the lines, “Listen up you bullies, we’re the anti-bullying team/We’re here to let you know you can’t destroy our self-esteem/Together we are stronger, you will never make us break/We really don’t resent you, it’s just pity that we take.”

Speaking about why he got involved with this program, Will explained, “I am very proud to be supporting the amazing work of all you Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Bullying can be incredibly damaging and it’s important that people come together to end its harmful effects, but also encourage happiness and positivity!”

So there you have it! When Will Poulter isn’t kissing Hollywood celebs or having a breakthrough in his career, he’s doing what he can to make everyone’s life a little happier. And that deserves its own award!

Photo: (Getty)