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‘Faking It’ DIY: Make Your School More Like Hester High!

Previously on “Faking It,” Amy and Karma were outed as Hester High’s first lesbian couple (well, sort of), and Amy struggled to come to terms with being one half of the school’s coolest couple while also conceding that she might, in fact, have feeling for Karma.

But that wasn’t the only thing happening at Hester High this week. It’s Homecoming! To celebrate their new lesbian “queens,” Shane and the school have dubbed this year’s theme “Homecoming Out.” Same-sex couples get in free, while everyone else pays $50. That’s not a bad thing, though, because that money goes to The Trevor Project!

Why can’t all schools be like Hester High?!

Well it turns out, most schools can be a little bit more like this (sadly) fictional Austin-based high school.

Step 1: Get A Resource Kit, Stat.

The Trevor Project knows that it ain’t easy coming out, so they’ve put together these handy resource kits. According to the Trevor Project site, the kit includes, “a curriculum guide full of empowering tips, activities and information for adults who work with young people. This tool includes collaterals on The Trevor Project’s life-saving resources, group activities, worksheets and more to help youth constructively discuss suicide and build empathy for the issues facing many LGBTQ people.” Sounds pretty useful to us!

Step 2: Start A GSA.

Once you’re armed with your handy resource kit, you’re going to want to share it with others. GLSEN has been sponsoring Gay-Straight Alliance groups for a long time, and they even have a full on step-by-step guide on how to start your own GSA in your school. Part of what makes the characters on “Faking It” so loveable is that they are super supportive of each other, and want everyone to feel included. Starting a GSA will help your school have a safe space that will hopefully grow to include the entire school.

Step 3: Have A Movie Night Or Host A Book Club.

But I’m A Cheerleader? Boys Don’t Cry? Milk? There are so many great films out there for LGBT and questioning youth. And don’t even get us started on books! A lot of these might require a little adult supervision, or at least someone who can answer some important questions the movies and books might bring up.

Step 4: One Word: Swag

You’re going to want to share your pride with the entire school, so why not purchase some hoodies or stickers from The Trevor Project?

Step 5: Help Create A Safe Space.

The most important part of “Hester High-ing” your school is making sure it is a place where everyone feels safe. That means if you see bullying of any kind, you should report it to a teacher or parent.

For more ways to make your school more like Amy and Karma’s, check out

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