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Trevor Jackson Wants to Help You Have the Best School Year Yet

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Last spring Trevor Jackson proved himself to be the coolest Principal for a Day ever, thanks to Get Schooled. But that wasn’t a one-time scholastic thing: now he and Diggy Simmons are working with Get Schooled and Saving Our Daughters to help students get ready for the new school year. The 17-year-old, who’s currently touring and who has his debut album coming out, had some great things to say about what he’d do if he were a principal for real, why it’s important for men to get involved with issues involving women’s rights, and how to start school on the right foot.

ACT: What have you been up to with Get Schooled to help students start off their school year right?

TREVOR: I’ve been going to different schools with my boy Diggy to talk about how important school is, whether you’re entertaining or not. We talk about respecting yourself and respecting the classroom. It’s been so great to meet the kids and let them know how even now I use things that I learned in school.

ACT: What was it like being a principal for a day? If you were really a principal, how would you envision your school?

: It was fun [being principal for a day]! I was more excited to meet the students than they were to meet me. We were able to talk about everyday problems.

If I were principal, I would just try to have individual teaching methods for each student. Because I feel like everybody learns differently. Yes, definitely.

ACT: As part of your back-to-school work, you’re campaigning with Saving Our Daughters against bullying. How can people join you in taking a stand against bullying?

TREVOR: There are many different ways. I feel every day it’s important to do the opposite [of bullying]. If you know of somebody getting bullied, don’t be afraid to tell, and make sure you surround yourself with people who don’t tolerate bullying. Definitely if you feel like you’re being harmed in any way, make sure you speak up and protect yourself.

Trevor & Diggy leads the Saving Our Daughters Take the Oath
Trevor Jackson and Diggy Simmons help students with Saving Our Daughters.

ACT: Saving Our Daughters concentrates on helping young women. Why is it important for men to also get involved in women’s issues and women’s rights?

TREVOR: I feel like it’s men’s job to treat women with respect. A lot of women don’t realize how special they are, because of people who have told them that, or they’ve been bullied. Maybe it wasn’t even by another student — maybe they were bullied by someone in their family. Men need to be there to support women and show how much they care. It will help the world.

ACT: What was your favorite class in school?

TREVOR: Not gonna lie to you. My favorite classes were English and lunch.

ACT: What are some advice and tips you have for getting off to a good start in the new school year?

TREVOR: I would definitely say just be there on time. If you start on-time, it’s easier to stay on-time and stay consistent with the school. Have respect for your teachers and your classmates. Get enough sleep. Do what you have to do to do what you want to do. I know that school sometimes can be tiring, it can be overwhelming, it can be a lot. But it’s for the better in many ways.

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