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Bleep Out Bullies With Kelly Osbourne

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We’re still pretty early in the new school year, but one fourth of students report being bullied at school (and two out of three say they’re bullied online!). This is totally not cool, so Kelly Osbourne and have teamed up for the Bleep Out Bullying campaign.

First, check out this hilar vid of Kelly being a superhero against bullying:

+ Watch Bleep Out Bullying PSA

Next, there are a number of ways you can take action. You can choose one way or go for more than one. Up to you!

+ I Beat Bullying

For this campaign, you can send in stories about how you were able to stop bullying in its tracks. Your story might get to be in a collection will send out to people involved in this campaign!

+ Positivity Page

Things can get majorly negative online, so this campaign suggests you make a Facebook page for your schoolmates to write positive things. They can report kind things they’ve done or seen others do!

+ Bye Bye Bullies

You can arrange an event at your school that takes bullying head-on and lets students speak about what’s going on in their lives. suggests you have the event in three parts: “(1) review your current anti-bullying policy, (2) discuss bullying problems specific to your school, and (3) create a new policy that is relevant to your school system and will be more effective than the current policy in reducing bullying.”

+ Comics to the Rescue

Love comics? Make a comic where your own superhero finds helpful ways to fight bullying!

+ Mirror Messages

Write kind messages on Post-It notes and leave them on school mirrors for others to see. It could brighten someone’s day!

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