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Keep Standing Connected with A THIN LINE


Photo: (MTV)

If you missed (DIS)CONNECTED, or you just want to see it again, no worries – we got you covered! The movie you may have heard your friends talking about is now available for streaming on Tune in to see how four teens connected by a live streaming site struggle to balance their digital drama and offline lives, until a tragedy causes them to reconsider what connects them.

There’s no doubt that online activity can have real-life consequences. This week, new spots inspired by real stories of digital abuse started airing on MTV. You can check one out below, and watch a video based on actual dialogue posted on a social networking site here.

As painful as these stories are, we continue to be blown away by the amazing ways you have been taking action to make sure no one ever has to feel that way. Over 30,000 (and counting) have shown the world that they stand connected by joining the Digital Rights Project. The project continues to grow, with a total of over 600 rights now uploaded.  If you haven’t already, be sure to add your name to the Digital Rights Project and submit a digital right of your own!