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No Bullying, No Tanning, Just Love: Molly Tarlov, JWOWW Join Love Is Louder Movement

Photo: (Getty Images)

Molly Tarlov and Jenni Farley. One you've come to know as Sadie, the bully on Awkward. The other you've come to know as JMOMM JWOWW, the "big sister" on the Jersey Shore. In real life, Molly is far from being a bully; and JWOWW, well, she's just as motherly off the Boardwalk, too. This week, in separate initiatives, Molly and Jenni want the world to know: LOVE IS LOUDER.

On Monday, Molly Tarlov posted her Love Is Louder video to the campaign's Facebook page. "I play a bully on TV, but in real-life I'm definitely not a bully," she shares. "Actually, I've had some experiences being bullied myself." She goes on to share her thoughts on how to deal with bullying and how we can all make an effort to make it stop. Be sure to check out the full video by taking action below.

JWOWW shared her message while simultaneously launching a charity auction to benefit the campaign. "Love is Louder is a movement that reaches out to those who have felt mistreated, misunderstood or isolated and helps them find a voice of their own. I think the work they are doing is so important and the message they are spreading can help thousands. Now I want to do my part," she explained.

Up for auction are items she's worn on the show--from Ed Hardy pants to shirts from her gigs at the t-shirt shop and pizzeria. Get your bids in by December 29!

From Molly in Los Angeles to Jenni in Jersey, the Love Is Louder message has come in loud and clear across the country since its launch in September of 2010.  "The way that I've learned to deal with bullies is just to treat everyone with kindness and love. Love really is the loudest thing we can exude," Molly added.

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