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Mansimran Rises Above Discrimination


Photo: (Breakthrough)

Members of the Sikh religion wear turbans, which often makes them a target for bullying and discrimination. Mansimran’s experienced bullying for being different since he was in elementary school; even today, he’s a victim of discrimination.

“When I’m driving down the street and there’s somebody on the sidewalk and I have my windows open, and somebody calls me a terrorist—that’s very hurtful,” Mansimran says in a video profile by global human rights group Breakthrough. Watch the whole video to learn more about Mansimran and how he copes with discrimination below.

For many young people who face discrimination, the bullying doesn’t end when the school bell rings – digital discrimination can be just as bad, or even worse, than in-person discrimination. In a recent MTV-AP study, half of young people said that they regularly see discriminatory language used on social media sites.

What can you do in your community to stop discrimination?