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Google+ Opens its Doors to Teens, A THIN LINE


Photo: (A THIN LINE)

Google+, Google’s social network, launched last summer as an invite-only service, and opened up to people 18+ in September. Its defining feature is “circles,” a way to group people by where they fall in your social life – so you can have circles for your besties, frenemies, crushes, and more. You can have individual privacy settings for each circle, so it’s really easy to make sure that your posts and pics are shared only with the people you want to share them with. The best part? People don’t know what circle you put them into, so you can keep your business private without causing any drama.

On the A THIN LINE Google+ page, you’ll find good convos on digital abuse, pics and videos – and maybe even some exclusive content! Check us out now to make sure that you’ll be the first to know.

Will you be joining Google+?